How much space is required on location for deliveries?

Delivery locations must be accessible for semi-trucks to unload all attachments. 


Do customers need compact equipment to unload deliveries?

If you desire to move the item from the semi-truck accessible delivery point, you will need equipment to do so. Customer and/or customer representatives must be at least 18 years of age and authorized to sign and receive shipments. If you agree to truck freight, but are unable to accept it upon arrival, you will incur return fees.


What happens if a product is damaged upon delivery?

The person unloading the attachments from the delivery trucks is responsible for inspecting the products and signing the delivery receipt. Minor scuffs or scratches are not uncommon with LTL freight. On the Bill of Lading or Freight Bill, write any shortages or damages on the paperwork before you sign it. If damaged heavily, take pictures for documentation when possible. Then call Ignite to report any problems. Signing the Bill of Lading constitutes acceptance of the products in the condition in which they are received. If you do not inspect the products before signing, you are waiving your right to collect on damage claims even if the damage is discovered later (known as concealed damage).


Can the shipping address be changed after an order is placed?

While we will make every attempt to change a shipping address upon request, we cannot guarantee that these changes will be received and processed by our distribution centers before being shipped out. If an address change is approved, the freight rate may also change‚ÄĒespecially if the address is in another zip code or requires a smaller box truck for proper delivery. And if a change is approved after a shipment has left the distribution center, a re-consignment fee of $85 plus additional freight charges must be paid by the recipient immediately.


Do sales tax exemptions apply to attachment purchases?

Purchases that are exempt from sales tax require the receipt of a properly completed exemption form before the order is fulfilled. Please be advised that tax exemptions may take a few days to be validated.


Do you have a return policy?

All items must be pre-approved and returned within 30 days in the original packaging in new uninstalled condition. Freight charges will be deducted from the return amount. Used items may not be returned.


Do you have a cancellation policy?

Order cancellations can only be accepted before shipping from the distribution center. Please contact an Ignite sales specialist with any additional questions or concerns. And thank you for your business.