Head-to-Head Grapple Comparison

When comparing grapple attachments for skid-steer loaders and compact track loaders, Ignite grapples reign supreme. With their combination of meticulous manufacturing, superior fit, quality materials, unwavering commitment to ease of use, performance and durability, Ignite grapples provide operators with the edge they need. Check out the entire Ignite grapple lineup, and use our industry-exclusive Fit Finder to ensure an exact match with your machine.

Strength, Workmanship, and Optimal Weight

While specs are important when comparing different brands, there are differences in workmanship, design and overall quality that translate to high productivity. Shop Grapples!

The Ignite Edge

Rigorous testing and smart engineering of Ignite grapples ensure your attachment is fully optimized for ideal performance. Ignite grapples strike a balance between weight and strength, allowing you to lift more and do more.

  • Ignite grapples are approved for use with compact track loaders and skid-steer loaders up to 75 hp.
  • Ignite grapples utilize laser-cut steel and robot welding for consistency and unmatched strength.

Jenkins, Skid Pro, & Titan

  • Brands like Jenkins, Skid Pro, and Titan rely on hand-welding techniques, which may introduce variations in quality and performance.

Blue Diamond, Virnig, & Quick Attach

  • Comparable Blue Diamond grapplesare limited to machines of 50 hp or less.
  • Ignite’s 74-inch bucket grapple weighs 821 pounds, while Virnig’s 72-inch model weighs 1,080 pounds. The Ignite balance of weight and strength allows you to lift and do more.
  • Ignite's 82-inch rock grapple weighs 920 pounds, while the Quick Attach 84-inch model weighs 1,164 pounds. The Ignite balance of weight and strength allows you to lift and do more.

Quality Couplers and Hose Protection

It’s important to have quality components on your grapples, including hoses and couplers, as these are some of the most vulnerable parts of a grapple. High-quality parts and materials, smart hose routing, and protective measures help prevent work stoppage due to broken hoses or damaged couplers. Shop Grapples!

The Ignite Edge

When you look at Ignite grapples, the commitment to user convenience is evident from the “connect under pressure” 90-degree couplers from Faster. These couplers ensure faster and more reliable connections compared to cheaper alternatives. Ignite also uses full nylon sleeves to protect hoses from damage.

Jenkins, Spartan, & Titan

  • Jenkins uses Stucchi brand couplers that do not connect under pressure. Spartan uses a straight coupler option and Titan uses a pipe thread and Teflon design.

Jenkins, Quick Attach, & Skid Pro

  • Jenkins hose protection is virtually nonexistent with the lack of nylon sleeves. Quick Attach and Skid Pro partially cover their hoses. This leave's hoses exposed to jobsite wear and can lead to unnecessary downtime.

Hydraulic Cylinder Protection

The hydraulic cylinders of your grapple are essential items for using your attachment. They must be durable, and they need to properly protect against the materials and obstacles of the job. Let’s look at the cylinders and cylinder protection across several brands. Shop Grapples!

The Ignite Edge

Ignite grapples excel with their impressive cylinder protection measures. With larger, more robust cylinders boasting a 2.5-inch bore and 3,500 psi.

Blue Diamond, Virnig, Spartan, & Skid Pro

  • Ignite sets the standard for cylinder protection when compared to these competitors that offer cylinders with a 2-inch bore.

Greaseable Pins for Longevity

High-quality greaseable pins last longer, work better and make regular maintenance easier. Shop Grapples!

The Ignite Edge

Greaseable pins are a cornerstone of the Ignite grapple design, allowing for longer-lasting, better-performing attachments.

Blue Diamond & Jenkins

  • When comparing the cheaper pin options used on competitors’ products, such as Blue Diamond and Jenkins, it’s clear that Ignite outperforms.

The Ignite Edge

When it comes to performance, durability, and ease of use, Ignite tops other brands.

Selecting the right grapple attachment for skid-steer loaders and compact track loaders can be a daunting task, as there are many options available in the market. At Ignite, we’re helping to make your choice easier by offering unparalleled performance, durability and ease of use at a fair price and with a tailored fit for your brand of machine. Check out our Bucket Grapples, Rock Grapples, and Root Grapples.