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Item # Description Part Number
1 Set of 2 snow blade guides 75380950IG
2 Hex Bolts 7/16x1.5x14 75366380IG
3 Steel Cutting Edge For Snow Blade 72" 75366470IG
3 Steel Cutting Edge For Snow Blade 84" 75366480IG
3 Steel Cutting Edge For Snow Blade 94" 75366490IG
3 Steel Cutting Edge For Snow Blade 108" 75366500IG
4 Plastics Cap Nut 7/16x14 75366330IG
5 Set of 2 snow blade shoes 75380940IG
6 Torsion Spring Stopper 75366420IG
7 Flat Washers 36x8 75366450IG
8 Hex Jam Nut 1.5x6 75366340IG
9 Plastic Cap Nut 3/4x10 75380910IG
10 Easel Setting Pin Lock 75366440IG
11 Kick Stand 75366520IG
12 Cotter Pin R2.5X45mm 75380920IG
13 Hydraulic Cylinder for Skid Steer Snow Plow 75366510IG
14 Hydraulic Hose-28 MPa (4000 PSI)-3/8- w/ Guard -80 Inch 75366540IG
15 Female Flat Faced Coupler, 1/2" Body, 1-1/16"Unf Thread 75366320IG
16 Orifice Fitting -12 SAE M to -10 JIC M w/free 75366530IG
17 Male Flat Face Hydraulic Coupler, 1/2" Body, 3/4" Sae/Orb Thread 75366310IG
18 Hex Bolt M8x1.25x25 75366400IG
19 Lock Ruby Reflective Spherical 75366430IG
20 Hex Nut - M8 x 1.25 75366300IG
21 Ruby Reflective Spherical 75366360IG
22 Hex Bolts 3/4X3.5x10 75380930IG
23 Compress Spring 75366460IG



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