74 Inch Rock Grapple

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Made in the USA

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74 Inch Rock Grapple

The Ignite 74-inch rock grapple attachment grips rock, boulders, large debris, tree limbs and other brush while leaving soil behind.

This well-built attachment provides optimal weight, reserving more of your loader’s rated operating capacity for lifting and transporting heavy materials.

Made in the USA

  • The Ignite rock grapple is designed and built in the USA with American-made components.

Optimal Grapple Weight

  • This well-built attachment is designed with optimal weight in mind, giving you strength for the job while ensuring you can use more of your loader’s rated operating capacity to lift and transport more.

Independent Dual Grapple Tines

  • The independent tines grasp uneven loads, safely and securely.

Heavy-Duty Cylinders

  • Get extra clamping force and durability for difficult working conditions.

Cylinder Shields

  • Heavy-duty cylinder shielding provides superior protection on the job.

Flat-Faced Couplers

  • High-quality and dependable, the flat-faced hydraulic couplers connect quickly, even with pressure in the lines.

Nylon-Sleeved Hoses

  • Tough nylon sleeves provide extra protection to withstand the elements.

Large 1 ¼-Inch Pins

  • Large, durable, 1 ¼-inch pins are hardened and greaseable to ensure increased service life.

Laser-Cut Steel

  • Laser-accurate precision gives you a tighter fit for optimal performance.

Robot-Welded Strength

  • State-of-the-art manufacturing ensures consistent strength is built into every product.

Top Tasks

  • Picking, placing and transporting rocks.
  • Clearing chunks of concrete and other demolition debris.
  • Grabbing logs, large brush and other debris.
  • Taking hold of any irregular or hard-to-handle materials.

How It Works

  • Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders open and close the rock grapple. Approach materials with the grapple open, digging into the ground, just below the load if necessary. Close the grapple cylinders to clamp down on the material, then lift and carry it away. The bottom tines allow soil, small rocks or fine debris to be left behind.

Warranty: 12-month warranty

More Information


75.4 in.


913 lbs.

Overall Height Grapple Open

40.5 in.

Grapple Opening

28.9 in.


2 (2.5" Bore X 1.25" Rod)

Quick Couplers

Faster Flat Face (CUP)

Tine Spacing

3.1 in.

Grapple Tine Width

19.3 in.


Grade 50

Tine Thickness

0.25 in.

Top Grapple Style

Dual Independent


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and lead compounds, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov