PTO Link® Compact System – Safety Bolt – SPARE

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The PTO Link® Compact - Safety Bolt is designed to fully align the connected couplers of the PTO Link® System. The required Safety Bolt further secures the couplers, much like a deadbolt lock, to minimize vibration and wear to the driveline, withstand most high-torque scenarios or instances of reverse torque on the PTO shaft, and provide safety, protection, and durability to the PTO Link® System.

Product Features:

  • Installs from the tractor or implement side
  • Stand-alone one-piece locking ball detent clevis pin (bolt) for quick and easy removal
  • Grade 8 bolt, stainless steel spring-loaded ball detent (rated shear strength at 150 ksi)
  • Ball detent depresses and springs up to hold the Clevis Pin/Bolt into place
  • Dimensions: 1.225″ L x 0.630″ W
  • Weight: 1.1 oz; Shipping weight: 2 oz

NOTE: A Safety Bolt is included with every Compact Tractor (Female) Coupler, but spares are recommended since it is a stand-alone bolt and can be misplaced when not in use.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Since high torque or reverse torque scenarios on the PTO are often unforeseen, installing the Safety Bolt while using the PTO Link® system is always required.

INSTALL: After the two couplers of the PTO Link® System are connected and fully locked, locate the aligned 1⁄2″ openings through both couplers positioned across from the spring-loaded locking pin. Insert the Safety Bolt through either of the 1⁄2″ openings of both couplers, starting from either the tractor side or implement side, until it emerges through the couplers. The ball detent of the Safety Bolt will release its internal spring and secure the couplers together.

UNINSTALL: Push the end of the Safety Bolt, then pull the head of the pin until it is entirely removed from the connected couplers. When the PTO Link® System is not in use, affix the Safety Bolt through the 1⁄2″ opening on the Tractor Coupleror Implement Coupler for convenient storage.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and lead compounds, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to